Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pumpkin Enchiladas (& other pumpkin ideas)

About a week ago, after Michelle's roasted pumpkin soup post, I roasted a pumpkin (not a sugar one, just one of the ones we had outside for decoration) and got a big jar plus some of pumpkin puree out of it. As a result, it's been pumpkin crazy around here. 

At Michelle's apartment I think it's probably pumpkin world for a solid two months at least, and now I'm officially on board.

Pumpkin Palooza 2012:
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins & cookies* 
  • Pumpkin french toast* (just added a couple tbsp of puree into batter & pumpkin pie spices)
  • Pumpkin Black Bean Soup*
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes
  • Pumpkin with zucchini & swiss chard over orzo (veggies mixed together in a stir-fry)
  • Pumpkin quesadillas (pumpkin puree spread on before adding cheese)
  • Pumpkin chili
  • Pumpkin enchiladas (see recipe below)
  • Pumpkin bread (didn't use quite as much butter & sugar and added cream cheese layer)
*I made these with plain old canned puree before the pumpkin roasting happened...

My nice big jar of pumpkin puree after using a little of it.

Pumpkin pancakes - chocolate chips are hidden on the other side
Zucchini, swiss chard & pumpkin over orzo
Pumpkin chili before being mixed up and cooked in the crock pot for a few hours
Tired little pumpkin under the computer desk with a half-completed haircut

Making the Pumpkin Enchiladas

Preheat to 350. Spread salsa or enchilada sauce or whatever you like around the bottom of a baking dish.  Roll up corn tortillas with a bit of pumpkin puree and shredded cheese. I love corn tortillas (especially from Reyna's at the Strip, they're waaaay better than the corn ones at the supermarket) so I like smaller, less stuffed rolls to get more tortillas in there. I used sharp cheddar and pepper jack this time.

Arrange the rolled tortillas seam side down; it's less messy that way. Top with more salsa or enchilada sauce - enough to cover but I usually don't go too crazy so it's able to crisp up a little. Then top that with more shredded cheese. I add black pepper on top.
Puppy dog gets real excited when I shred cheese. 
Bake at 350 for half an hour. Then take it out and eat some enchiladas - I recommend using a metal spatula.


  1. the enchiladas look amazing! i think i'll have to make some tonight : )

  2. I made enchiladas for a get-together on Friday and they were a huge hit! I added a can of corn and half a packet of taco seasoning. I should've followed your advice and gotten tortillas from the Strip, because the ones I got at the supermarket had a tendency to break when I rolled them, so they didn't look nearly as beautiful as yours!

  3. Pumpkin with zucchini & swiss chard over orzo and the pumpkin chilli look sooo good.



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