Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kind of Cuban Sandwich

I've been vaguely craving a Cuban sandwich since I saw Chef, the Jon Favreau movie with the Cuban food truck (which is on Netflix Instant now!), a few months ago. Such a cute movie! I kept expecting something terrible to happen with the kid, but (spoiler alert?) everyone just keeps getting happier and eats delicious-looking meat.

Making this sandwich reminded me of the Croque Monsieur I posted a while ago - I need to make that again!! It was pretty simple and very very good.

Kind of Cuban Sandwich
Makes 1 sandwich, multiply for more

1 roll of bun (It should be crispy outside, soft inside. I used both ends of a loaf of ciabatta for this one.)
3 slices pork (I had roasted a pork tenderloin)
2 slices turkey
2 slices dill pickle
2 slices provolone cheese
1 tsp yellow mustard

Spread yellow mustard on the inside of the bread. Layer on the pork, turkey, pickles and cheese. Then either use a panini press or grill in an oiled skillet by placing something heavy on top - I used a bigger cast iron skillet and a smaller on top. 

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